Operation Top Knot Loves Babies!

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Deployment can be extremely stressful for military families when it coincides with the birth of a child. The Soldiers' Angels Operation Top Knot team primarily focuses on supporting families at home while they are separated from their deployed family member. They do this by shopping for (and making) baby items for their expecting family. Each new or expectant mother receives a virtual shower from angels across the country. Much of what is sent is actually handmade by our talented angels! Learn more about this unique team and all they ways they help welcome the newest military family members.

Other Highlights

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Cricket Wireless and Soldiers' Angels

May 07, 2019

In honor of Military Appreciation Month, Cricket Wireless is teaming up with Soldiers' Angels to honor our military veterans! Not only will Cricket Wireless be sponsoring all six Soldiers' Angels Veteran Mobile Food Distributions across the country they will also be collecting donations of non-perishable food items in over 350 stores in 6 cities! The collected items will be packaged in Soldiers' Angels Box Lunches for homeless and at-risk veterans.

Collection Drive begins Monday, May 13th, 2019!

We couldn't be more thrilled to be partnering with Cricket Wireless to honor our veterans! Can you help us make this collection drive a success? Click here to learn what items we are collecting as well as the participating stores where you can drop off your items.

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How to Start a VA Representative Site in Your City

May 08, 2019

Our Veteran Support Program has grown quickly over the last few years and that growth shows no sign of slowing down! Soldiers’ Angels currently works in over 30 VA Hospitals across the country, providing volunteer support, doing patient visits, giving out supplies like box lunches and hygiene kits, and organizing luncheons and other group activities. At each VA site, the team on the ground is completely volunteer-based!! We receive a lot of questions regarding starting a Veteran Support team in a city where we currently are not located-- so we put down some tips to getting started! Click here to learn how you can start a Soldiers' Angels Veteran Support Team near you.

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Service Banners: What Do They Mean?

Our nation’s service members put their lives on the line for all of us, and one of the ways we thank them is by flying service banners in their honor. Each banner has a specific meaning and is flown at a specific time. This quick guide will tell you when to fly which military service banner and for what occasions.

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Why Don't They Write Back?

One of our oldest and most popular virtual teams is our Letter Writing Team. Each year our Letter Writing Angels send hundreds of thousands of letters to deployed service members around the world. Many of our Angels connect with the service members they support and form a fruitful penpal relationship throughout the service members deployment and beyond. But it is also quite common for our Angels to experience what they have termed as "Silent Service Members," or service members that don't respond to letters. Although it can be discouraging not to receive a response, we encourage our Angels to continue to write. Here's why service members may not have the chance to write back.

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Dallas Cowboys Military Combine

We’re proud to partner with Caliber Collision for the 3rd Annual Dallas Cowboys Military Combine on April 13th. It’s a FREE day of family fun on the field at ATT Stadium in Arlington, with bounce houses, games, concessions and more. Watch 50 elite military heroes take to the turf and compete in six official NFL Combine drills. Dallas Cowboys Alumni and the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders will be available for pictures and autographs. Learn more at calibercollision.com/militarycombine

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Blazing the Trail as a Servant Leader

We’re so excited to announce that the Soldiers' Angels Atlanta Volunteer Coordinator Travies Mims has been chosen as a JABY Inc. 2019 Veteran’s International Trailblazer Award recipient! The International Trailblazer Awards are all about “honoring regular people doing outstanding things in the community” - which is exactly what Travies is all about. Learn more about this incredible Soldiers' Angels Angel volunteer.

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Military Sheroes From History

Although women were not always allowed to serve in the military, it didn’t stop them from serving, making history, and in some cases saving lives. March is Women’s History Month, the perfect time to highlight some amazing women who have selflessly served in our armed forces -- here are just a few.

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Remembering President and Veteran George H.W. Bush

One of the most remarkable things about George H.W. Bush’s experiences is not his dedication to public service, nor the historical mark he left on America as our 41st president. It’s the fact that his life story has so much in common with the veterans and service members of today: what led him to a life of service, the challenges he faced both after serving in the war and as he aged, and the solutions that he found - that can also work for the larger veteran community. Learn more about President George H.W. Bush's life, legacy, and service to our country.

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Warm Feet for Warriors is Here!

Believe it or not, one of the items that is most requested from service members and veterans is socks! Just think how nice a brand new pair of socks feel when you slip your feet in... Soldiers' Angels wants to help keep the toes of our troops and veterans feeling toasty, and you can help! Start a sock collection drive & send us NEW socks in all colors and sizes in their original packaging. We will distribute the socks to veterans in VA Hospitals and include in our care packages to deployed. The collection dates will run from February 15 - May 31st.

Send your socks to:
Soldiers' Angels Warm Feet for Warriors
2895 NE Loop 410, Suite 107, 
San Antonio, Texas 78218

Learn more about Soldiers' Angels Warm Feet for Warriors here.

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The Murph for Vets and... The Rock?

One man has made it his personal quest to get The Rock to join him in the well-known intense CrossFit workout, The Murph-- and he's doing it all just to give back to service members and veterans while raising awareness about the work Soldiers' Angels is doing to support them. Learn more about this man's fitness challenge and how you can help us get The Rock to join him!

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7 Common Questions on Veterans Benefits Answered by an Expert

Serving in the military comes with an array of benefits for you, your spouse, and your family, some of which you may not even be aware. Once you have left military service, the Veterans benefits available are meant to provide financial assistance for a variety of reasons. From affordable home loans and healthcare to disability and pension payments for your lifetime, having an understanding of the benefits you may be entitled to is an important part of your discharge. However, knowing what you may have access to and the process of getting the benefits you deserve can be daunting tasks. This guest blog is a guide to help navigate what Veterans benefits you are eligible for and how to go about receiving it.

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Not Receiving Text Messages?

If you are a veteran that has attended one of our Mobile Food Distributions events across the country, then you have received a text message from Soldiers' Angels. Text messages serve as one of our main methods of communication to alert veterans when registration for a food distribution is open and also to alert those veterans on the wait list that there is space for them to come to the event and receive food. We have received several calls from veterans who were once receiving text notifications and then suddenly stopped receiving them. If this is happening for you, please review our recent blog to help troubleshoot your issues.